The Koryo Hall of Adventures 5e Compatible


5e campaign setting

272 pages full color pdf. See the description below for more details about the book.
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The Koryo Hall of Adventures


5e Compatible version of the Adventurer’s Guide to Jeosung

The Koryo Hall of Adventures is a complete fantasy campaign setting deeply inspired by the richness and beauty of Korean culture and history. Set 300 years into the Third Age of Iseung, the material plane, you will find yourself in Jeosung, the continent still emerging from the ashes of the Winds of Darkness, a time when dark creatures roamed the lands under the leadership of the Dokkaebis. It is just after the retaking of the lands that the Koryo Hall of Adventures, also known as The Hall, was created. It served a single purpose: to protect the common people and clean the lands from evil creatures. As time passed and the world slowly became a safer place to live, the Hall had to find a long lasting purpose, and turned itself into a guild of sorts where anyone can go to find jobs and sometimes glory. This campaign setting is written with the Koryo Hall of Adventure as a point of entry into this world for all adventurers.

In this book, you will find:

  • A complete description of the Koryo Hall of Adventures, its regular NPCs, and the rules that keep it together,
  • A gazetteer that details four different realms with four different political governments and inner struggles,
  • Descriptions on the different classes and creatures inhabiting Jeosung,
  • Fifteen different agencies and factions manipulating their own parts of the world,
  • One new class (Mudang) and two new subclasses (Jaein and Sunim) compatible with 5e,
  • An army of NPCs with their own circle of influences to populate the world,
  • New beasts especially designed for the Koryo Hall of Adventures,
  • A pantheon of up to 50 spirits that inhabit this world and can be played through Mudang characters,
  • Dozens of adventure triggers for you to go on fun adventures,
  • Two sets of rules to enhance the gaming experience: the Reputation System and the Team Leader Rules.

The book is separated into two main sections: the presentation of the world and the mechanics. The first section can be used to play in any system while the second section is focused on 5e compatibility. You can find conversions for OSR and a complete Pathfinder compatible version of the Adventurer’s Guide to Jeosung on this site. As for subsequent publications, such as adventures already published, the Ranking System, developed to facilitate the adaptation of any adventure into any setting, is the centerpiece of the mechanics related to the Koryo Hall of Adventures.

This edition is a 272 pages full color pdf. Download is available after confirmation of payment.


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The Koryo Hall of Adventures 5e Compatible