Sunim – Monk Subclass


In this digital book, you will find a monk subclass based on Purism for the Koryo Hall of Adventures campaign setting book. See the full description below for more info.

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In this digital book, you will find the Sunim Monk Subclass and two monastic traditions: Sunmudo and Taekwondo. You will learn about Purism, the religion followed by the monks of Jeosung, about the Followers and about Hwanggung, the individual at the origin of Purism. Through the use of these two monastic traditions, you will be the embodiment of the Tenets of Purism, and will learn to use your hands and feet with lethal speed and accuracy. Make sure to check-out the Koryo Hall of Adventure – Adventurer’s Guide to Jeosung for more info about this campaign setting.


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Sunim - Monk Subclass