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This article provides travel distances to major destinations around Haenamguk. Accessing Haenamguk requires a travel pass that is delivered in the immigration office in Sejong, or one of the two branch offices in Haemasijang or in Myeongju port. Landing on any other part of the country without a travel pass will cost the travelers to be detained until proof that there is no intention of malfeasance can be found. Of course, such proof is never found, for it is never sought.

It is important to keep in mind that only the office in Sejong can deliver travel passes that span over several weeks. The branch offices only deliver travel passes for a few days, which really limits visitors to go anywhere within Chhilsandö. The only exception is for adventurers coming to serve at the Dongsangcheo Gundabae. They can get a pass for as long as their commitment to this military base doesn’t break, but they are under intense scrutiny, should they ask for a leave to travel.


  • On Land, Slow: 18 Miles (29 Km); on foot with luggage
  • On Land, Normal: 24 Miles (38.5 Km); on horseback without spare horse
  • On Land, Fast: 30 Miles (48 Km); on horseback with space horse
  • Keelboat (River, Upstream): 10 Miles (16 Km); rowed or pulled
  • Keelboat (River, Downstream): 13 Miles (21 Km); rowed or pulled
  • Sailing Ship: 48 Miles (77 Km); sailed
  • Warship: 60 Miles (96.5 Km); sailed and rowed

Haenamguk Sailing Routes

  • Asan Port ←→ Kapsang 213 Mi (343 Km)
  • Chejin Crossing (Ferry Type) 2.5 Mi (4 Km)
  • Myeongju Port ←→ Asan Port 270 Mi (434 Km)
  • Myeongju Port ←→ Haemasijang 386 Mi (621 Km)
  • Myeongju Port ←→ Husu 88 Mi (142 Km)
  • Myeongju Port ←→ Kapsang 92 Mi (148 Km)
  • Myeongju Port ←→ Songna, port of Ulyongdö 360 Mi (580 Km)
  • Myeongju Port ←→ Yonggu 96 Mi (155 Km)
  • Sejong Port ←→ Asan Port 79 Mi (127 Km)
  • Sejong Port ←→ Haemasijang 65 Mi (105 Km)
  • Sejong Port ←→ Kapsang 286 Mi (460 Km)
  • Sejong Port ←→ Myeongju Port 340 Mi (547 Km)
  • Sejong Port ←→ Pirin Gundabae (Ferry Type) 16 Mi (26 Km)
  • Sejong Port ←→ Songna, port of Ulyongdö 133 Mi (214 Km)
  • Songna, port of Ulyongdö ←→ Kapsang 206 Mi (332 Km)


Entry via Myeongju Port

→ Kapsang: 79 Miles (127 Km); via land
→ Husu, via Kapsang: 102 Miles (164 Km); via land
→ Yonggu, via Kapsang and Husu: 128 Miles (206 Km); via land
→ Chän Cluster: 58 Miles (93 Km)
→ Dongsangcheo Gundabae: 57 Miles (92 Km)
→ Great Forges: 29 Miles (47 Km); special authorization required

Entry via Kapsang; travel pass required, or smuggled

There are limited places that can be accessed by landing in Kapsang. To access other areas in Chhilsandö, check the section above “Entry via Myeongju Port.”

→ Husu: 23 Miles (37 Km); via land
→ Husu: 20 Miles (32 Km); sailing
→ Yonggu, via Husu: 49 Miles (79 Km); via land
→ Yonggu: 45 Miles (72 Km); sailing

Entry via Ijiheok Chilseongmun, Dongji; illegal entry point

There are no mapped official roads anywhere around Dongil, and the borders of the Sumkimum Forest are strictly guarded, but the inhabitants of Dongil will smuggle adventurers out of the forest via secret paths.

→ Chungwha: 51 Miles (82 Km)
→ Millae, via Chungwha: 84 Miles (135 Km)
→ Geumjohangu: 26 Miles (42 Km)

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