Fair Play Policy

We at Red Scales Publishing strongly  believe that gaming should be for everyone; from every walk of life, every corner of the globe and any background. Games, and roleplaying games in particular, are a powerful tool to create and visit wondrous worlds in the imagination. We want everyone to have this opportunity, without exception. The Koryo Hall of Adventures is meant to be used in the spirit of inclusion and equality. The subject matter of our games might sometimes be dark and explore mature themes, but around the table we should always treat each other with respect and sensitivity. In order to facilitate inclusion and understanding, we have created the reputation system. It is not only used to assess the type of adventure that is being played at any given table, it is also used to broadcast the type of mindest that the Game Master expects from the players at the table. To facilitate this, Red Scales Publishing has designed and made available for free the Reputation Table Sign. It is placed in the middle of the table to let players know the type of game being played. We promote fair play and safe gaming at conventions and events. Everyone should feel comfortable and secure playing our games. So, we asked that Game Masters to make good use of the Reputation Table Sign and ensure that both themselves and the players at the table understand the content being played and the behavioral expectations that come with it.